Newly Released Horizontal Machining Center: MA-600H III

  • 2021年7月30日

New Release: MA-600H III

Today, we would like to introduce our newly released machining center: MA-600H III. This machine comes with smart automatic features, capturing the concept of More is lessMore Automated Productivity with Less Environmental Load.

Smart features:

  1. Longer Duration of Unmanned Operation with Enhanced Automation system:  
    1. Improved unmanned operation with the concept “Machine that never stops
    2. Drastically increased number of ports to supply hydraulic and pneumatic pressure to jigs help facilitate jig automatic movements
    3. Accurate & automatic In-machine chip cleaning function
      • 18% improved in-machine wash coolant: 450 L/min

  1. Sludge-less tank (optional) automatically collects sludge in the coolant tank which does not only reduce the manual tank cleaning, but also extends the life of the coolant


  1. High-speed and High-efficiency:
    1. Newly developed wide-range spindle (optional)
      •  supports more various types of materials:
      •  Max Speed is 10,000 min-1, torque 652/349 N·m, output 45/30 kW (short time/continuous)
      •  68% improved heavy-duty cutting performance
    2. Non-cutting time reduced, since table index (B-axis) duration is reduced by 44%
  2. Environmental-Friendly
    1. Okuma Thermo-Friendly Concept
      •  Thermal deformation improved by 13%
      •  No need for thermostatic chamber in the factory to maintain room temperature therefore reduces power consumption and factory costs
    2. ECO suite
      •  Knows and reduces energy consumption
      •  Equipped with ECO power monitor that shows the amount of power consumed per workpiece and energy-saving effect
    3. ECO Idling Stop
      •  Automatically determines whether cooling is needed or not.
    4. Coolant Life Time extended
      •  With sludge-less tank that prevents coolant deterioration and reduces replacement frequency

Main Specifications:

  • Machine Size: (W) 3,435 x (D) 7,068 x (H) 3,174 mm
  • Weight: 25,000 kg
  • Max Travel: (X) 1,050 x (Y) 900 x (Z) 1,000 mm
  • Rotary Pallet Size: 630 x 630 mm
  • Maximum Spindle Speed: standard 6,000 mm-1; optional up to 12,000 mm-1
  • Rapid Traverse: (X) 60 x (Y) 60 x (Z) 60 m/min
  • Magazine Capacity: standard 60 tools; optional up to 400 tools


 For more information, please visit https://www.okuma.co.jp/english/product/hmc/ma-h_3.html

 Contact information:
Okuma Techno (Thailand) Ltd.

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